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Hi there, My name is Renzo and I would to thank you for visiting my website dedicated to holistic practices and research! As an asthmatic man, I’ve had plenty of experiences with physicians and specialists. The best ones always left me feeling with a sense of tranquility. I felt as if I was in good hands, the doctor cared for me and my well-being. As I moved around from city to city. I started to encounter doctors who didn’t give me that sense of peace. They were fast and to the point. Sometimes they talked over my mom and I, shoved our comments to the side and continued to talk. I wanted to explore other options and thus this is what sparked my interest in holism. The truth about holistic healing is a website meant to simply display another option to patients Too often people do not particularly know about the medication they take their just following orders from a doctor. Well, I would like to change that notion and offer some real, natural remedies & services to those in need. Patients need to know they’re cared about and are going to receive the best care possible and holism offers that and much more. Click here to learn the basics of a healthy, holistic, nutritional diet. I also included a link to a list of 20 living tips designed to improve your health.