Incorporating Holistic Approaches in Medicine


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As I stated before, holism attracts patients because of the exceptional care and attention they receive. They feel as if they are in the best hands with a doctor that only cares about restoring their well-being. Pat McDonald, a registered nurse states in the peer reviewed article that, “a doctor ordering them to take unfamiliar pills may not be enough explanation for these patients.” Instead, health officials must understand that patients today lack confidence in them. Their concerns about communication with health professionals, with a desire for more time and attention ultimately leave them looking for alternative medicines. Acknowledging this will be beneficial to health officials as they can reflect on areas where they can attend to the patient better rather than treating patients as just another appointment. Ms. McDonald recognizes this, “Mutual respect, empathy, and respect are the key-elements in a therapeutic partnership,” McDonald states. She goes on to say ” Perhaps it is time to look at the dominance of science-based medicine and, taking the views of consumers into account.” It’s time for people to see that they’re other medicines out there than the conventional prescription medication doctors prescribe you. With a little research one can find tons of information on herbs, aromatherapy, botanical products and more.

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