Big Pharma vs. Holistic Health Care


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The idea of holistic health is not new at all. Actually it dates back to the days of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher and practitioner known as the “Father of Medicine.” According to Hiding The Truth, a website that prides itself on being a skeptic of information

Catholic monks and nuns cared for the sick, when no one else would. They used mostly holistic methods but began to try other methods for treating disease and injury. With the invention of the firearm, surgery became more common then. Gun shot wounds were usually dealt with by amputation, with no anesthesia these practices were barbaric.

As a result, germs started spreading everywhere. Companies soon had to develop chemicals to combat this and this demand sparked the start of the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, pharmaceutical companies have gotten so big they hold monopoly on health care in the US. They have gained enough power to essentially control doctors by assuring their medications are the ones used, instead of holistic methods. For example, in 2004 a ban on Ephedra was placed. Ephedra is nothing more than the Chinese herb Ma Jung. This herb was used for centuries to treat allergies among with other respiratory problems. Actually, Ma Jung is an ingredient in many over-the-counter allergy medicines except the price to get it over the counter is significantly more expensive. states,Ma Jung works by increasing blood flow, and metabolism slightly to calm the body’s allergic reactions.” Although, it has side effects that include increase blood pressure and increased heart rate. As with any medicine there are people who will abuse them. People used Ma Jung more than recommended  because they thought an increased metabolism would help them lose weight. Although, it was only a small share of people this resulted in 100 deaths and an immediate ban on the herb. The irony in all this is around that time 280,000 people died directly from over-the-counter and prescription pills. Drug companies refuse to acknowledge the part they played in countless deaths of people and would much rather continue making huge profits. Though it is a sad reality, diseases are managed more than treated today. Drug companies much rather keep you on prescription pills designed to treat symptoms instead of cure simply because their is more money in it for them. Without financial motivation, companies have no incentive to develop cures, but only to prolong them. It’s all about the money in these situations and unfortunately real lives are at stake. It’s time we take back our health care system and the first step is to get informed. Meet with a holistic doctor and ask them whatever questions you have. Take time to familiarize yourself with holistic medicine and choose the best method or approach that fits you!

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