What is it?


Photo Credit: https://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/develop-mind-body-spirit/

To understand holistic practices, we must first understand the basis from which they exist. Holism, according to healthy-holistic-living.com is “to look at the self from a whole (holistic) perspective and to understand the mind, body and spirit connection and the importance of balancing all aspects of one’s life. Holistic doctors and their patients share a common ground in terms of trust. The patient feels the doctor is looking out for their best interest rather than prescribing them the conventional prescription pills. Patients are tended to with care and all factors of their lives are considered in treatment including : divorce, financial issues, crime and stress. This is important because it allows the doctor to see what other factors other than physical wear and tear is diminishing the quality of life of the patient. I know in my experience with doctors I always got the feeling they were rushing through just to get to the next appointment. This is a fundamental problem in the health care system. Holistic doctors look to improve relationships with their patients, tending to their every need while presenting natural remedies to illnesses and disease.



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